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加拿大在线预算|F1俄罗斯站:汉密尔顿破纪录夺杆 维特尔撞车引红旗

Netease Sports reported on September 26:


This week, the 2020 F1 Championship came to Russia and held the 10th race at the Sochi circuit. In the qualifying, Hamilton won pole position and broke the track record with a time of 1:31.304. Verstappen, Bottas ranked 2nd and 3rd, Perez and Ricardo ranked 4-5th, Ferrari driver Leclerc ranked 11th, and Vettel crashed and retired in the Q2 stage, which once triggered a red flag in qualifying. , Will start in 15th place in the race.

本周,2020年F1冠军来到俄罗斯,并在索契赛道举行了第十场比赛。在排位赛中,汉密尔顿赢得了杆位,并以1:31.304的时间打破了纪录。维斯塔彭,博塔斯排在第二和第三,佩雷斯和里卡多排在第四至第五,法拉利车手勒克莱尔排在第十十一,维特尔在第二季度崩溃并退赛,这曾经在排位赛中引发了危险。 ,将在比赛中排名第15位。

The Sochi Circuit was built around the venues of the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is the third longest single lap in the year. All drivers will hold 53 laps in the main race. It is worth mentioning that the Sochi Circuit is here. The game opened 50% of the stands, and there will be 30,000 spectators attending the game.


In the three free practice matches before the game, Bottas beat his teammate Hamilton in the first and second practice to rank first. Hamilton ranked first in the third practice. Hamilton, who has won 90 games before, is expected In Sochi, it tied the record of Michael Schumacher's 91 games.


Q1: Bottas is the fastest Ferrari duo to pass low altitude


At the beginning of the 18-minute countdown to the practice, the Williams team’s Russell was the first to debut, and two Mercedes-Benz cars also debuted after 3 minutes. The team also followed the Mercedes-Benz duo to make the lap time. After grinding the tires for two laps on the field, he said that the tires were not in good condition, so he drove back to the maintenance lane without any results.


Bottas made the first time lap of 1:32.6, but Hamilton did not perform well, directly slowing Bottas by 1.6 seconds. Perez of the Match Point team is the closest driver to Bottas, but it is also Slow for more than 1 second. Hamilton was canceled his first time lap because he was so close when he was cornering, he could only return to the track to do his results.

Bottas首次以1:32.6圈出局,但汉密尔顿表现不佳,直接使Bottas慢了1.6秒。 Match Point团队的Perez是最接近Bottas的加拿大pc网站车手,但速度慢于1秒以上。汉密尔顿被取消了他的第一圈,因为他在转弯时离他太近了,他只能回到赛道去取得自己的成绩。

Due to the gloomy weather and the low temperature of the track, it poses a higher challenge to tire grip. Hamilton moved to second place 0.3 seconds behind Bottas after regaining his results, and he basically advanced to Q2 without any worries.


In the last three minutes, the drivers launched the final lap of Q2. Latife, who had been in the relegation zone before, rushed to 15th, but then O'Connell rushed to third and pushed Latife to the relegation zone again. With Grosjean rushing to 14th, Vettel was also squeezed to 18th. At the last moment, Vettel rushed to 11th, and Kuvia rushed to 3rd. Russell also rushed to 13th at the last minute. As a result, Grosjean, Geovinus, Magnussen, and Latifie were eliminated, and Raikkonen was eliminated due to slipping on the track and failed to make a result at the last minute. Ferrari duo Leclerc and Vettel advanced to the ranks with 14th and 15th places respectively.


Q2: Vettel crashed into red flag, Hamilton promoted at buzzer


After the start of the second stage, all 15 cars appeared on the field for the first time. According to the drivers, scattered light rain has begun to fall on the track, which also added more suspense to the qualifying. Hamilton ranked first with a record of 1:32.08. Bottas played poorly, falling behind by nearly one second, and Sainz and Perez also ranked second and third.


A notice was issued afterwards that Hamilton had another effective result cancelled due to his four-round exit in the final turn. As a result, Ricardo, Sainz and Perez are temporarily in the top three.


Bottas and Hamilton also followed suit, and Bottas was still in second place behind Ricardo after a lap. When Hamilton was still doing the speeding lap, the situation on the track suddenly changed. Ferrari driver Vettel understeered on the track and hit the retaining wall heavily. As the car was badly damaged and stopped on the track, the race would immediately show a red flag to suspend the race for the race. Road cleaning, at this time qualifying Q2 has 2 minutes and 15 seconds left.


As there is less time left on the track, many drivers have already lined up at the exit of the pit lane during the red flag period, but Hamilton, who has not made any results before, is not among them.


After the race resumed, Stoll of the Match Point team did not start from the pit lane due to the death of the car. Hamilton encountered a slow train, and finally started the last time lap in the slow train array. Despite the slow train blocking, Hamilton still finished Q2 in 4th place, Leclerc, Kuviat, Stoll, Lasse Vettel and the crashed Vettel were eliminated.


Q3: The old man breaks the track record and takes the shot, Verstappen rushes to second


After the 12-minute countdown to the third stage of the qualifying session began, the two Renault teams took the lead. In the first speeding lap, Hamilton made an excellent result of 1:31.391, leading Bottas by 0.791. In seconds, Verstappen, Ricardo, and Perez are ranked 3-5. Hamilton has a huge advantage and the domineering "Liu Yiquan" is fully demonstrated.


In the last 4 minutes, the pole position battle began the final competition, Bottas made a mistake in the second paragraph, basically impacting pole position hopeless. Hamilton scored 1 minute 31 seconds 304 on the final lap, setting a new benchmark again and breaking the track record set by Bottas in 2018. Verstappen also performed superbly, rushing to second place in the final lap, Bottas, Perez, and Ricardo ranked 3-5.


The 2020 F1 Russian Grand Prix will start at 19:10 on September 27, Beijing time.